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Neck Pain? Check the Longus Colli Muscle

January 4, 2013



So many folks stare at a screen all day as part of their jobs, and that constant head forward posture places a huge amount of strain on the neck!  Sometimes we feel aching pain in the back of our necks, from the base of our skulls on down.  While massage those areas feels great, we can get a deeper lasting relief by working the neck flexor muscles, and the deepest of the neck flexors is the Longus Colli.

As you can see from the illustration, the Longus Colli is situatated on the anterior (front) surface of the neck vertebrae, and runs from the Atlas (C1 vertebra) all the way down to T3, the third thoracic vertebra in the chest.  The muscle has three sections, upper oblique, lower oblique, and vertical.

The Longus Colli, as the deepest neck muscle, plays a controlling role in neck posture and function.  Injuries, such as from whiplash, repetitive motion, poor sleep position, can affect it adversely, and as a result, have a negative impact on the other muscles of the neck, and contribute to stiffness, difficulty in moving, headache, and other neck and shoulder pain.

Slow, gentle, deep work to release the Longus Colli muscle can bring about immediate, long term pain relief, reduce pain and increase the range of motion of the neck and shoulder, and improve one’s sense of well-being!

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