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Deep Tissue Massage, Sacramento

by Paul Brown on 8 April 2014


What is Deep Tissue Massage Sacramento?


Deep Tissue Massage isn’t really a type or modality of massage, but it is a way of approaching a person’s body and tissue.  A Deep Tissue Massage can be performed in almost any style of massage, including Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Myofascial Therapy, and more.  Deep Tissue could refer to a muscle beneath a muscle – for example, the rhomboid muscles are deep to the trapezius muscle in the back.  Accessing the rhomboids is usually performed by first relaxing the trapezius in a deep tissue massage.


A deep tissue massage could also mean working on the connective tissue – tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc. – in order to achieve a release of a muscle.  By using stroked particular to the styles the therapist is trained in, relaxation of these tissues can affect a release in a muscle and help increase the range of motion of a particular joint.  Deep Tissue Massage could also mean highly focused work, then.


So you can see, Deep Tissue Massage could mean a range of things.


Does a Deep Tissue Massage hurt?


Properly performed, deep work does not have to hurt.  A skilled therapist will work within the pressure tolerances of the client, garnering feedback from the client to effect the best deep tissue massage for the best results.   There may be a small amount of residual soreness the next day that might feel as if you had had a workout at the gym, but it should be a pleasant soreness, not painful or debilitating.


Deep Tissue Massage Sacramento


You can get your best deep tissue massage in Sacramento here at Paul Brown Massage Therapy Pain Relief Center. Our highly trained therapists use techniques that are comfortable and effective, and we check in with you before and during the session to ensure that your desires for pressure and the therapeutic benefit of such pressure is achieved.  If you are looking the best deep tissue massage Sacramento, you’ve come to the right place!


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