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March 17, 2016


Here's a cool video that demonstrates some of the anatomical differences in the human body that shows how we have evolved over the years.





October 22, 2014

You’ve all felt it: that burning, sometimes aching, pain between the shoulder blades and spine. Rubbing the rhomboid muscles and trapezius on your back feel good, but you might wonder why that doesn’t seem to bring the relief it should.  That’s because you’re probably...

March 12, 2014

Here’s the latest video from The Care and Feeding of Your Inner Bear series!  This video is to help with neck tightness and thoracic outlet syndrome.


January 4, 2013



So many folks stare at a screen all day as part of their jobs, and that constant head forward posture places a huge amount of strain on the neck!  Sometimes we feel aching pain in the back of our necks, from the base of our skulls on down.  While massage those areas...

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February 16, 2016

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