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Advanced Massage Table

I use the state of the art Comfort Craft Model 800 table in my massage practice.  This table is different from most other massage tables in several important ways.

  • The table can be raised and lowered dynamically, which means I can always have you at the proper height for whatever I am doing at that time.  It also means that the table can be lowered enough for people in wheelchairs to be much more easily transferred to and from the table.

  • Unique shape lets me always be at the proper distance for the type of work I am doing.

  • The mid-split opens your body.  Depending on how much I open the table, up to forty degrees, I can put you in a simple neutral position to allow you lay in more comfort, all the way up to allow for near inversion.  The mid-split provides for decompression of the spine, opening up the back, chest, abdomen, hips.  Accessing your body in ways that are simply not possible on an ordinary flat table are quite possible on this table.

  • Sliding head-rest: when in the prone (face-down) position, the headrest moves with your head during the work, which means that your neck never becomes compressed like it can on a flat table.

  • Adjustable arm-rests: The arm rests let me place your arms in the perfect position for accessing beneath your shoulder blades and into your neck.

  • Removable arm side extensions allow me to have more working surface when working on arms and hands, and more sense of comfort and stability for you!

For you, the client, it means that you can be assured of a relaxing experience unlike any other you may have had before.  For me as the massage therapist, it means less energy placing my body into the correct position in relationship to the table, and more energy focused on helping your relax in comfort!